Does ue4 c++ project compiles into dll+pdb files?

Does ue4 c++ project compiles into dll+pdb files? The question comes from confusing of different game engines, for example:

in Unity you don’t need to run vs manually, because scripts made in engine, same in game maker engine

Hey happyhorror!

Yes, (some of) the files will be compiled into .DLL and .PDB files.

This could help your confusion: C++ NEEDS the compile state while other languages (C#, JavaScript and so forth) doesn’t necessarily need it. I learned it while i tried Cocos2D-X. With Lua, for example, you could use their IDE and make changes to your code on the fly. With C++ you couldn’t do it, because it needs the compile state. One reason for this is, that C++ is a “machine-oriented” language.

I hope this help you a little bit with your confusion! :slight_smile:

Sincerely Leroy

ty, but how can i open vs project again? when i started tutorial sample first time, it was opened in vs, but after closing and opening from ue launcher i get ue editor instead of vs project

seems found, just have to open sln file in project folder

Eventhough you already answered it yourself: you can open your project directly in the Start Page in Visual Studio, or you click in the first drop down menu within the editor on “Open Visual Studio”. OR when you already placed a object in the world that derives from one of your source files, you can simply click on the “YourHeader.h” in the inspector.

Have fun!

Sincerely Leroy