Does UE have an animation editor that enables directly editing animation curves?

Does Unreal have a buit-in editor allowing for editing animation curves imported from fbx files, like the animation window in Unity? The native Curve Editor only supports additional curve editing rather than raw imported curve editing.

If there ain’t any, perhaps there might be a plugin?

Hey @Sulleyyyyyy
Have you tried using the curves in conjunction with Blend Spaces? Those are the main way I’ve seen most done, but I do not think there is another animation editor inside the engine, most are done in outside sources like Blender, Maya, or 3DS Max. I think Adobe may also have a pretty cool tool for this, but nothing inside the engine editor.
That being said though, I found a plugin, but its got a pretty steep price tag so I can’t say I recommend it, especially since I haven’t tried it, but it seems to get the job done: Virtual Animation Tools V5 in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
I hope this can help,

Thank you @ZenLeviathan :blush:
Could you please shed more light on “using the curves in conjunction with Blend Spaces”? I searched how to edit curves using blend spaces but it seems there isn’t an exact solution there. In addition, editing curves using blend spaces might be too clumsy. What I am gonna try is to dive into the animation sequence class and see whether it is possible to fetch the curve data out of the box and edit it in place. I will update this thread as long as I make any progress.

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By animation curves you mean raw data of joint transform animation?
Afaik, there is no built-in editor for these. But if you really need to edit it in editor and not able to use external tools and willing to spend some time creating a tool in BP… there is a painful way to accomplish this.

Using AnimModifier, you may get raw animation data (called Data Model and edited trough Controller (MVC programming pattern)). You may extract raw joint animation and bake it into curve data. Then it will be available to edit in Curve Editor. You’ll need to move edits back into Bone Tracks otherwise it may affect performance.

If you mean custom attribute curves, then i believe it’s already editable in Curve Editor when opening that animation sequence asset.

You probably better off using external tools. Blender is a great choice for such things.

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Yes, i mean raw animation curve data. I’ll try using AnimModfier, but as you said, it looks like pretty complicated and painful. Thank you Ayan!

I came across Control Rig, which seems to be what i want according to the official documentation. I tried animating a simple sphere using Control Rig and got expected results. But the downside is that it is very complex to use and is not as power as DCC softwares. So i speculate it might be best to use Control Rig for simple objects and animations, e.g, simple camera movement.

These days I am going through the source code defined in FbxImported.cpp, AnimSequence.cpp and SkeletalMeshEdit.cpp and find that we can indeed technically access the controller and data model by which raw animation curves can be readily manipulated. I am thinking if i can extract the data and display them in the sequencer editor and provide modifiability. Another workaround, the Control Rig, seems to serve the same purpose but it looks quite complicated and is not as easy-to-use as i thought.

Oh right!
Control Rig is a great way to edit animations as well. I think this could be a better way than extracting curve data directly. In sequencer you can bake to FK controlrig which can be generated automatically for you, and while editing with only FK controls can be daunting, It almost the same as getting your curve data from animation.

If you or someone else can do rigging, you may create rigs that will help to animate with ease. It may be not that powerful as in DCC (eg, still trying to imitate follicle system as in Maya), but it’s going to cover most of the needs. And in some ways it’s even better.

Cool features like baking animation both ways between controls and bones, linked animSequences and python support, actually making UE quite powerful for editing bone animations.

ControlRig slipped my mind initially, but I do recommend exploring it further.

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