Does UDK support normal maps with RMA?

Im not talking about PBR but wanted to know if UDK supports the display of a normal map that has in its channels (rgb> roughness, metalness Ambient occlusion).
I just purchased a few assets and after importing that type of normal map in udk it looked horrible :frowning: Is it a setting that tells udk to read only the normal data and ignore the rest of the channels?(i used the tc normal map setting when importing as always)

it’s the same as in UE4. you can’t plug a channel-packed normalmap into the normal slot as is. whatever the material from the asset pack is doing, you need to do the same in your UDK material. probalby involves -not- using normalmap compression, disabling sRGB in the texture and adding a constantbiasscale node with (-0.5, 2.0) in the material

My bad.I got subconsciously thinking that the RMA texture was a normal map, when its obviously not… Thank you for the additional advice Chosker .