Does UDK license cover a arcade machine distribution?

Sorry to drop this here(as we only have 3 forums)I will probably have to ask epic but first wanted to hear your opinions guys.My udk license is the same as the ue4 so 5%.
I have been reading the licensing resources and im not sure what will happen if i decide to distribute my game on a arcade machine and not for download.(arcade machines for one game is not something mass produced)

Give epic the 5% of each sale again??
I can for example always decide say on kickstarter or my personal page you buy the arcade cabinet and you get the game for free or pledge a additional 1$ to the machine and you get a copy of the game installed.So 5% out of 1$ ?

I dont want to sound sketchy or bypass anything, but such situation dictates that a royalty shoud not be payed or is something quite low if i am not mistaking?

When I did my Kickstarter, Epic didn’t want a percentage of the overall funding. Epic basically said, “The tier at which you get the game is $15, so we’re going to take a percentage of $15 for each copy.” So things like soundtracks, having a character in the game named after you, your name in the credits, and anything like that, Epic didn’t count that as game-sales-derived income.

I would imagine the situation would be similar for an arcade cabinet… except that arcade cabinets keep generating money. And if you sell the cabinet to someone who runs an arcade, then your customers keep generating money, and that money doesn’t go back to Epic. That doesn’t sound like something Epic would allow on a regular UDK license.

So at the end of the day, I guess the answer is “read your license very carefully.” But if you want to avoid legal headaches, just reach out to Epic and tell them what you want to do, and I’m sure you can work something out.

Thank you for this information Nathaniel.I will have to speak to them than.In reality i was planing to not place a coin mechanism inside and promote it as a home arcade that doesnt generate money.Now what owners do with it(mode it for coins or emulators) its up to them.