Does Udemy offer good unreal courses?

Does Udemy offer good unreal courses? If not does anyone know who does? I’m designing my game have been for a while, but projects that better help me understand of course will be a big help.

This one is the one to get if you want to learn C++.

There are several other ones focused more on Blueprint.

Thank you. I’m more interested in the blueprint side.

Remember that Udemy gives you a 30 day refund … I have used it on one Unreal Course already. So if you are unsure, watch all the preview videos and then buy it, if it is not right for you or you are unhappy you can request a refund. There are some pretty good courses on their and some pretty bad ones too … but this is for all the courses and not just Unreal.

This is a course created by one of Epic’s Unreal Engine Evangelists. I might be a little biased since he is a friend and associate, but I believe it’s helpful for beginners and does cover Blueprints.


Thanks for all your responses!

I’d hold off on enrolling in the Chris Murphy course at the moment. The videos are really low quality. Looks like there was some sort of mistake in the upload process and they were all improperly encoded. It’s impossible to read any of the text in the blueprints and the audio is a little on the tinny side as well.

Chris has indicated he’s working to re-upload the videos in a better quality, but until that happens I’d wait. Aside from the quality issues, the course seems to be fairly well put together and aimed at beginners.

Use this code:

And all courses are $15, dont ever pay full price at Udemy!!

pluralsight have some UE4 courses too .

you can get 3 months free access with microsoft dev essentials program , just google it :wink:

I can confirm the Ben Tristam course is worth every penny, absolutely fantastic tutorial to UE4 from a C++ perspective. You could probably find a more efficient course if you’re only interested in blueprints though. Does the Chris Murphy course focus exclusively on blueprints?

I would also recommend the Ben Tristem C++ course. Even though it’s C++, it will help you understand blueprints better.

I want you to know you are my favorite person ive ever met on here. Im about to binge so many courses on Pluralsight its not even funny.