Does UCharacterMovementComponent use fixed server steps?

I have some questions about how some of this networking movement is implemented. I first read up on this stuff and learned about it from this blog. See the server time step section.

  1. Does the server buffer inputs and only process them a few times per second?

  2. How frequently is the client sending its inputs to the server? Probably not every frame. Does it do it at a fixed interval?

  3. How often does the server process the buffered inputs? I.e. what is the server step?

  4. How does the server male sure its processing the inputs in the same way the client did? Since the inputs aren’t being pressed under a fixed length client side steps, does each input sent to the server also contain a duration of how long it was pressed on the client?

  5. Is there some special call that runs the physics all in one call over a period of time? Or is UCharacterMovement Component just moving one character at a time?

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I wasn’t sure if this forum or the answers page is a better place to ask questions, but seems like there is a bit more activity here.