Does Tick affect FPS if not used in Blueprint Actor?

I’m using many actors just to store static meshes, there is no “Event Tick” used.
Now I have the question if I should disable ticks in all blueprints to get some fps back, or does it not count as long there is no event used?
Maybe there are also other ways to get some fps back if there are many actors in use.

Yep defo do that its a common optimisation method :slight_smile:

Thanks, I will try it.

Is there a way to deactivate a actor if not visible?
I know there is a “Was Recently Rendered” node, but this do not deactivate the actor completely.

I’ve never heard of event tick nodes running without another node being hooked up to it. Is that what you’re asking?

There is a “Start with Ticks Enabled” in the details tab and I wanted to know if I should disable it, even if I’m not using the “Event Tick” Node.

I’m asking because I made a dungeon generator where the rooms are blueprint actors. Just empty lowpoly rooms now, but if I have 200+ Rooms the FPS go down.
The joints between rooms and the wall who cap the dead ends are also blueprint actors.
All tips what can help me to optimize this are welcome.

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