Does this function exists (otherwise as feat request) + FEAT REQUESTS


For “cinema” use (not gaming)

An idea coming spontaneously (best^^) : navigating in viewport with perspective mode is the most supple and useful way.
Once we get a good point of view, is it possible IN ONE CLICK to add a camera to the exactly position and view ? (rather than spending tremendous time to add a cam + change view + positionning it + etc… only cam parameters at least) ?
So as eg : moving fastly and easily inb viewport, click cam, move to another angle, click cam… etc 5-10 cams. After what moving from cam to cam an parametering them… delete somme of them, etc.

Also, something I can’t understand it doesn’t exists : a ONE CLICK single frame render (rather than having to create a LSequ + drag cam + etc.).
What’d be great is a one click in viewport opening a popup windows with a simple level of detail cursor (10/10 as Cinematic quality).

And at least, suggestion : an Actor “Chroma Plane”, simply dragging it in ViewPort, drag in a vid, 1-2 parameters (pipette…), and that’s it ! (rather than add plugin Composure with such a loooong howto process with 20-30 mous-clicks wtf ?).
Such a function should has sens given the increasing need of green chromakeying.
(Why not btw an Actors section with tools for compositing ?)

  1. Drop a camera in the level, right click and ‘pilot’. You see through the camera. When you’re done, use the ‘eject’ button ( top left viewport ). It will leave the camera in exactly the right place.

  2. Single frame render ( to file? ) is just F9

  3. No idea :slight_smile:

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Yes I know for piloting cam, but you then also have plenty of clicks to change and create others, deselect, etc.

The idea is to move easily in VP and add many cams in one click, for sequences with many cams ; after what you just have to configure precisely one by one cam.
Would be such a time earning fx for movies sequences…

  1. Didnt know :flushed:, will see this, thanks for repply.
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