Does the report post/thread for this forum actually work?!

When you do report a thread using google chrome it does nothing and just hangs for a few minutes, this is definitely worth looking into for epic.

Got a report from you just now, so I guess it worked anyway.

It’s bugged a little bit, we usually get 2 or more emails from a report but they definitely go through

For what it’s worth I also found it malfunctioning a few months past, can’t recall in what fashion though.

I think it needs some feedback by way of closure so you know something’s happened and your reports gone through, for an A+ would be good if you could get a report as to any action taken or general response taken by epic.

I’m sure we all agree it’s a pretty important if not essential part of any forum

What could help at least is if you receive an email or a forum notification that you’ve put in a report.