Does the player controller "reset" when a new level loads?

Upon starting on my game, a level loads along with my player controller. Within my player controller are events that enable/disable character movement and display the mouse cursor, so I can use the GUI. Everything works great until a new level loads. Even though the event that disables the moment and displays the mouse cursor executes, I still can control my character with the arrow keys/mouse movement.

In my 1st screenshot are custom events that disable the player controller so I can use my GUI. As soon as the button “Single Player, New Avatar” is pressed, that custom event executes and loads a new level. Then it runs the “Customize Avatar” event which should disable the inputs but doesn’t. The 2nd screenshot shows the Movement Input; with a Branch dependent on the Enable Mouse variable.

What am I missing? Thanks.

Yes it resets on a new level. Data you want to transition can be done with either saving/loading or a Game Instance class. Game Instances persist between levels but reset if you close the program.

Game Instance is the 1 you want to look at and save game for long term stuff

I’ll check out Game Instance. Thanks.