Does the Oculus Rift affects the height of player?

Hi guys,
I was calibrating the Oculus Rift to one of my friends and I noticed that the Configuration Utiliy asked me for her height.
When I launch my 1st person game, does it matches the camera height to the height in the Config Utility?
If not, is there any way I can use the blueprints to make the game read that off the utility of the Rift?

Thanks in advanced,

I’m not an expert on the Oculus in UE4, but I don’t think you can do that. You could however setup a menu with UMG that lets the player input their height. Then you would set the player’s camera height based on the height they input.

as for the original way you asked i’m sure you could do that with the oculus API, if they get stored as variables in ue4, if they dont then request this!

You could find where the Oculus configuration utility stores it’s saved files and if it’s some kind of file format you can read (some kind of text probably?) then add a code solution to read those files and get the data that you need. I don’t think there’s any way to do it via blueprints, but adding code to read external files isn’t too difficult to add with the help of some guides or tutorials.

Actually, it can :smiley:

Hey everyone! Thanks for the comments!

@dotdog20 So basically I only have to make that “player height” a variable and use that variable as the position of the camera? sounds too easy to be true hahaha can I drag that Player Height and “promote it to variable?”
its already 2am here so tomorrow Ill try it out and let you guys know!

Thanks everyone for the input!

You will need to do some overrides to the Oculus controller because it likes to try and handle things itself. I remember fighting with this back when I was doing some rollercoaster stuff but can’t remember what I had to do for it. Check out Teddy’s rollercoaster thread on here and there might be some answers in there if you run into problems.