Does the Interstitial Ads BP really work?

Hello, I know this question has been asked for multiple times, but unfortunately, no threads has responded this question really, other than saying, look, use my own plugin admob…

I mean the Interstitial Ads BP from the default UE4 (No Plugins), does it works?

I have two questions more,

1.does this Interstitial Ads BP (Not the Ad Banner) is for Google Play Services Admob?

2.In the project settings for android, it says than the admob is for Google Play Services, but does this work for Play Store (A default app for android)? Sorry, i don’t know what is really the play store and the Google Play Services other than there are a lot of apps. (If you can explain it for me, i really appreciate it)

Thanks for the answer.

Yes, they work but only for Android and only for simple ads (without mediation). If you want more options and mediation, you need Third-Party plugins.

Do they Really work now?? or Do I have to resort to third party plugin?

Do they work now?