Does the editor have memory leak issues? Significant PSU issues

I don’t have enough information to fill out a bug report so figured I’d ask here and see if others have experienced this because if it’s just me then it’s not likely a bug.

After using UE 4.5 for around 30 minutes+ the editor will eventually crash. When crashing the RAM usage is around 3GB. My scene is minimal, new project starting with top-down blueprint and just setting up some basic functionality without any custom art imported (except starter assets). After specified length of time the crash is almost guaranteed if I start the game, then stop it (running longer is worse).

When editing a blueprint of parent class as ‘AnimInstance’, specifically while setting up animations / blend trees, any 3D view being active causes my computer’s normally silent PSU (even playing BF4 doesn’t make much noise - also tested with another PSU, also) goes into overdrive due to fan having to work overtime.

When Unreal Engine is running every hour or so both my monitors go black and fade back in as if they almost lost power.

Getting a bit annoyed at having to constantly restart after crash. The crash takes ages after freezing so I have to kill process first too.

Specs off the top of my head are:
Windows 7 x64
i7 3.4ghz (sandy-bridge) CPU
8GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
Corsair RM650 (tried HX650 also) PSU
Radeon R9 280x GPU

I can be more specific if necessary.

The power supply works harder because UE editor runs as fast-and-hard as it can on the GPU. No sparing the power there!
You can turn down the fanciness of the graphics, and turn on vsync (or enable frame rate limiting?) to reduce the power draw.

Separately, the monitors blinking sounds like the graphics card having trouble. This could be some internal reset in the driver, or some power fluctuation, or something else.

3 GB doesn’t sound like “too much” RAM. For a 64-bit executable, the amount of RAM available on your machine is the limit. However, there may be other bugs, which can cause object pointers to get out of whack, and eventually causing a segfault/crash of some sort.

I think that helped a lot. I used t.MaxFPS(60).

Appreciate the explanation too.

I wonder if maybe your PSU is performing badly or is dying, could be that at full load the PSU can’t handle the power requirements of the system which is what causes the crash.

And to make your Graphics card live longer and your power supplier less happy with his invoices click the down arrow left in the viewport and disable Realtime. Rotating or moving the camera updates the view now if you want it to update immediatly.

Few years ago when i had my last SLI system, it was only UT3 that could get it to 100%. But poor thing literary boiled after 10min in unreal (110C). All because UT3 was also cruel and sucked all GPUS dry.

And: before you buy new PSU, dust it off and all fans, well everything inside PC. Second thing is that PSU usually loses about 10% of power every year, just because capacitors get fat (unless you have PSU made in japan), or military grade components. And many PSU producers pull that Watt number out of place i cannot say here loud. Same with WATTS on most computer speakers, i think they give us total watt number per speaker shipment, not per piece.

I didn’t get a notification so wasn’t aware there were replies.

First - I’ve tried other PSUs. Also, the current one is also <2 weeks old. Changing PSU does not make a difference to the problem.

The last crash destroyed my entire project as it occurred when modifying the project (forget if it was saving or moving files, one or the other). Now it asks me to rebuild, and fails.

The usual RAM usage is ~1.5-2GB. When the crash occurs task manager shows >3GB and seems to spike as it closes by another 500MB.

I am quite sure there is a memory leak in the engine. Now I will have to make a new project and start copying things to the new one and just… pray. Resorting to a backup means 1-2 days worth of work out the window.

I am sick of my concentration/focus being interrupted each 30 mins or so.

What ‘basic functionality’ is in your project outside of the top-down starter content? I routinely leave the editor running for long periods of time (sometimes a full week) and see no performance degradation, excess memory usage, or crashes when continuing to work. If there is a memory leak it’s something specific to your use-case at the least…

I experience memory leak symptoms too and have witnessed them on my colleagues machines. The longer I use the editor the slower it becomes until it eventually crashes. Epic really needs to spend some time investigating this, they have plenty of crash reports from me and my colleagues to look at.

In fact the software as a whole is ridiculously buggy, the terrain editor is broken to the point of almost being unusable (I carved a river in my level, then when playing (or even changing an editor setting) the river appeared to be filled in with terrain but it had no collision. I actually have to make terrain one tile at a time, save and back-up then move to the next).

Bug fixes please Epic!!!

Was even occurring when I made a new project with top-down starter content and begun to make a new player controller blueprint for him.

Interesting, I only recently upgraded to 4.5 but haven’t had any issues so far. Did this occur with previous versions, or 4.5 specifically?

I did not use previous versions. I’m new to UE4.

So… Memory Leak. Was working on HUD blueprint when I noticed that, it had been running for hours rather than crashing around 30 mins and it appears to have really piled up.


omg… maybe that’s why my Editor crashed instead of my terrible programming, lol :wink: