Does the Culling System also cull Physics and Kinematics That is no Longer in view

Hi I Have a Technical question regarding Culling.
I Have a map with a large industrial complex with water outside with object floating in the water.
There are roof fans spinning and other kinematic classes running.
I Wanted to know if all these fans and physics are running continuously even when the player is not present or is the physics and the kinematics stopped when not near the player or out of sight.??

If these are not stopped do we as level designers need to turn them on and off using triggers as the players move around the map.??? including the physics based floating objects?? or is there some other system that does this.?

Thanks In Advance.

The bad news is that cull system does influence physics.
I face a similar situation. I have a car race game, where the opponents (NPC cars) occasionally move out of player’s sight. The NPC’s velocity often drop to 0 suddenly and crashed together. When I put a 2D capture actor above the map to ensure all NPCs are always be visible, the physical simulation performs much fluency and better.
UE seems insisting on not to provide customized cull method, as such questions (like how to disable one actor’s culling) were asked many years ago. 2D sene capture can be a walk around method.

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