Does the Creator license apply to publishing a video that profiles a UE sample?

I know there is a licensing thread, but I didn’t see a way to add a new post there. I picked this Feedback/Learning page because what I created helps Game Devs learn how to improve rendering performance.

Does the Creator License apply to this scenario:
I work for Intel supporting Intel(r) GPA (Graphics Performance Analyzers). I created a training video showing how Graphics Trace Analyzer can help find certain types of bottlenecks. I used the UE sample, ShooterGame.exe. In the video I don’t show the game. I don’t use the Engine. The only thing is that the name, “ShooterGame.exe” shows in Graphics Trace Analyzer in several places.

I am adding an image so you can see how “ShooterGame.exe” appears (circled in green in various places).

In case it matters, we don’t sell GPA. It is completely free, you don’t even have to register or even enter your name to get the download (

I intend on adding this video to our training page (

Please advise as to whether the Creator license applies.