Does the APK size reduction works?


I see some threads about the APK size reduction and the most recent one is from june 2017 and as i see, it seems that the APK size reduction doesn’t work for Mobiles. And you know google play only accept below 100mb (If i’m not wrong), even if it’s not below 100mb, a game with low quality that has a big size is bad for mobiles.

So my question, does anyone know if the APK size reduction works for mobiles? If yes, can you send me a link with what solution you used to make it works?

Thanks for the answer, hope it can work.

I’m also curious about this how do you pack your game to smaller than 100mb. I know most games first open than download the remainder from a server but how do you set this up ?

I know that there’s a guide to reduce apk size, but i’m afraid that some people says that it’s not working (How to reduce mobile file size - UE4 AnswerHub) and i’m confused.

are you using blacklist?

I’ll check it out would like a tutorial from start to finish