Does the animation editor have an IK mode

Hi I was just wondering if the unreal animation editor has an IK mode.

What I mean specifically is if there is a way I can pull on the hand bone in the editor and it moves the parent bones like forearm, shoulder, etc. I know I could do this in blender but I need such a small change it would be nice if I didn’t have to leave the unreal editor.

In fact there are several different IK solvers in animation blueprint.

By the sound of it your best bet would be CCDIK which is the newer version of the chain of bones driver. It is still marked as experimental but should not have any issues if you aren’t shipping with it tomorrow.

There are also several examples in the content examples project, that use other IK solvers.

You misunderstood. I’m talking about the animation asset editor. Not the blueprint editor. I want to make an additive layer for my animation that changes the position of the hands. The hand position just looks wrong for what I want. There is no surface or reference point I can use to put the hands where I want at runtime using IK.

It’s a pain to have to start at the shoulder, then make adjustments to the forearm, then hand, then repeat cycle to get the position correct. Blender has Automatic IK setting in Pose mode that will use IK when posing bones. This makes it possible to move the hand position and the forearm and shoulder will follow. The animation asset editor in Unreal seems to be FK only.

Ah right. Yes the current animation editing tools are a little lacklustre. There is control rig that is being aimed at that kind of problem (Enhancing Animation with Control Rig | GDC 2019 | Unreal Engine - YouTube) but it’s not fully implemented yet and the setup will probably take longer than just pushing back to Blender and reimporting the changes.