Does Teleporting affect overlap events?

I have a default 2dsidescroller character and multiple falling objects. They are set so when they overlap with the floor or the character they teleport back up. When they overlap with the character, it also loses 1 health. The problem is that sometimes the begin overlap event fires twice, or rarely doesn’t fire at all but they still teleport.

The falling objects are just Papersprites and I made a collision channel just for them. The collision is set to ignore everything but the floor object type and the pawn.

The character has 2 collisions, the capsule and the sprite. The capsule has the “Pawn” collision preset(The falling objects type is set by default to overlap all). And the sprite is set to no collision.

The objects are falling through physics, and it is turned on and off so it does not accelerate and fall faster every time.

I tried using on hit event but it’s the same.

Here’s the BP:

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