Does source code available on expired subscription?


i have my subscription expired, since i’m currently learning i didn’t update it. Can it prevent me accessing sources on github?

Following by this page Unreal Engine on GitHub - Unreal Engine i put into my UE account settings my git account name (e-mail - is it right?), but on the page Epic Games · GitHub i don’t have access to sources.

I want search in sources for error message described in that question Cyrillic username folder - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums because noone answered.

Hey happyhorror-

When connecting your Unreal account and Github account together you want to put your GitHub username, not the email, in the “Update GitHub Account” field of your Unreal account. To answer your other question after a subscription expires access to GitHub source code is lost. Any local fork of the engine on your computer can still be used however GitHub will delete the branched repository from their systems. Hope this helps answer your questions