Does Sound Attenuation Work For All Sound FX?

Im having a few issues with some sounds working with attenuation and some not. I bought “monster screams” off of the marketplace for example. I cant get attenuation to work in blueprints or in the sound file its self. If I choose any of the attenuation settings, I get no sound at all. My main question is, Are there specific sound FX for attenuation or are all sound files that are compatible with ue4, capable of attenuation? If not, how can I identify the ones that can be used with attenuation? If so, what am I doing incorrectly? Thanks

  1. Every sound in UE4 gets converted to a uasset, so if you can import it into the engine, it gets the full functionality of the engine.

  2. Make sure that you override the default attenuation settings when you place a sound emitter. By default, every sound has no attenuation. When you override the attenuation settings, you have to give the sound a min and max radius! If your listener is outside of the max radius, no audio is heard. If it is within the min radius, the sound is played at full volume. If the listener is between the min and max radius, the volume is interpolated depending on your interpolation settings (linear is common).

  3. Pro tip: instead of playing individual sounds, play sound cues. Sound cues are like blueprints for sounds. For example, if you have multiple monster screams, you can play the monster scream sound cue and the cue can be setup to randomly select a sound. Thus, you can have sound variations just by playing a cue.

Thanks for your response. Im having a problem with anim notifies that have attenuation and when I play sound in a character blueprint. Only with some sound fx. I set it to the default body move attenuation. Some of the sounds do what is expected and others dont play any thing. In the character blueprint, i chose the Get Actor Location as my Location for the Play Sound (monster scream) then I choose the attenuation setting “body move att” Any thoughts?