Does someone knows how is the protocol for uploading Plugins for the Marketplace?

Hi guys, just finished my plugin and i’m all set to upload it… i have been following the submission guidelines but they are a bit blurry in some aspects.

  1. I tested the plugin on my plattform (win64), it doesn’t build it i put win32, because it doesn’t finds the headers for that plattform, same with mac, etc… i’m building it as recommended by Epic so is as close as they will build it in engine.

  2. On the page to upload the plugin, the form only has info to upload, i see no way to upload the source code… do i have to first upload the information and get approval from Epic, proceeding to upload my source after they do so?.

  3. How am i expected to give multiple engine support? from 4.16 the way plugin builds (constructors, TargetInfo, etc) are different… should i use #if preproccesors? or can i upload 2 different sources for different engines?


Here this should get you started.

Thanks, i already went there, the info was kinda blurry in some aspects, but i already uploaded the submission.

Thanks a lot :slight_smile: