Does somebody khow about creating multipart characters?

Hello everybody!
I just try to add some clothing to the default TP character by adding “additional body part” in Persona, but it doesn’t seams to work. It doesn’t feel any changes to the mesh neither and i can’t save it, instead i see it in the viewport

Am i doing something wrong or it’s Persona bug?
If there are other ways to make it work, please tell me

I have the same problem with the “add mesh” button under the “Additional body part” section.

I haven’t tried yet, but it seems that a way to create multipart characters is to create a skeletal mesh actor and add other parts as skeleton mesh components. In the image below, I started with the head, and than I added the body.


Then, you can sync animations with the Master Pose Component, as described here:

Maybe you can give it a try until someone answer the “additional body part” question.


In our character blueprint we need to add all parts as skeletal meshes, put them to the right place with animation blueprint assigned as our character, and then add Master root component node for every mesh added on event begin play. That works for me


I have same problem…

Can you provide an example of the your character’s BP in which added parts of the character?

Thank you!

I haven’t it. But I tell you, this isn’t hard. Your Character and Your Clothing or other additional parts have to share the same skeleton. So You add new parts in your Character BP as skeletal meshes components, then You select the proper meshes and select the same Anim_BP as your character mesh. Now You just need to add the “Set Master Pose Component” node for every additional part to sync the animation of all parts

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