Does SetActorLocation work in a ForEach loop?

I have a bowl that collects only one type of actor. It has a collider that is being used to register if an object is the correct actor, and how many of the correct actor are currently in it. When that collider is clicked, all of the “correct” actors should have their location changed and move closer to the camera for the player to see. However, this is not happening. I have a picture of the blueprint line that is giving me issues… From what I can see and have found, there are no errors happening. I have click events enabled, it is gathering and passing through the correct objects in the array, and the casting is happening (side note: the casting isn’t needed but was part of my testing). My vector variable does have a different location saved to it and I’ve learned through breakpoints and watching variables that all the correct data is going to the correct places. But for WHATEVER reason, neither Set Actor Location or the teleport node is moving the objects at all. I’ve tried putting other things in the foreach loop (such as changing object visibility) and everything else I have put in works. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is there anything in the log?

You can clear it and re-run.