Does sequencer not support root motion?

If I play root motion animation on an AI character in sequencer it just plays it in place, disabling root motion moves the mesh but then snaps the position of the mesh back to where it started. Is there no way to use root motion in sequencer? It would also need to blend the animations at the start and end of the sequence for a smooth transition.

The only way around this I can think of is to make an animation montage and play that via blueprint instead, but this would make it incredibly difficult to sync the animations with anything else in sequencer :frowning:

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Any one has any solution for this? I have the same problem. Is it possible for the next animation track to pick up the offset from the root motion of the earlier animation track while blending the rest of the animation?

You could add transform keys for the character mimicking the root motion, may be easy or hard depending on the animation. At least the next animation would start from the new character transform.

Bump on this. Is there no way to apply additive root motion in sequencer?

Yes, i was hoping that this would work like it does in unity. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Yes, searching for the same thing. Manual keying also creates issues - the actor (skinned mesh) has 1 frame of weird movement at the end of one loop/beginning of next. Seems like position keys are not lining up with animation keys - even when I control and limit all frame rates to 24fps.

the same problem, I want to combine several complex parkour animations into a cut scene

Enabling root motion from animation asset itself makes it work, however:
-Transform track interrupts with it so it should be removed sadly.
-You’ll see it works in the PIE not in the sequencer itself while animating, which is not good for visualizing while working.

Wish someone find solution for root motion with sequencer without these bugs in the future.