Does Root Motion works only with Mesh(Inherited)?

Hello, UE4 Community!

I have BP Actor who inherited from “Character” and in My Actor BP I have inherited skeletal mesh with name “Mesh(Inherited)” and new one skelmesh added by me.

I know that “Play Anim Montage” node does not work with second skeletal mesh and works only with Mesh(Inherited).
And I know that to play montage on second skeletal mesh I need to get anim instance and use “Montage Play” node.

But Question is Can I use RootMotion via second skeletal mesh? Or RootMotion works only with Mesh(Inherited)?

I found this lines of code

/** Get FAnimMontageInstance playing RootMotion */
FAnimMontageInstance * ACharacter::GetRootMotionAnimMontageInstance() const
	return (Mesh && Mesh->GetAnimInstance()) ? Mesh->GetAnimInstance()->GetRootMotionMontageInstance() : NULL;
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