Does rocket provide SVOGI?

Does/ will rocket provide this lighting method? iv read some things abuot it and found it interesting, something id really like to mess around with to see how my UDK game would look with newer lighting techniques.

We decided to put our efforts on a faster (but less dynamic) lighting system. It’s a combination of dynamic lighting, lightmaps (normal mapped, colored multi bounce global ilumination) and reflection environments for speculars (assisted by precomputed occlusion, localized cubemap reflections suppting varying roughness and normal mapped materials).

It is possible we will get in future lower quality but fully dynamic system ? Like LPV, or Screen Space GI ? Or more hybrid approach with Enviromental Probes (IBL) that do not depend on static GI ?
To be frank, I could live without dynamic GI, but would kill for some localized (probed ?) IBL solution that work idepndently of static GI.

We will continue to improve on the lighting but cannot promise anything at the moment. There is a lot of other areas that deserve attention as well (shadows, quality, scalability, performance, atmospherics, reflections, dynamic geometry, large world, …). At the moment we want to make the exitsing system work well with each other component (translucency, performance, dyanmic objects, dynamic lights).

would something like this ( to be made dynamic and in-game be feasible?

IndirectLightingCache (only used on dyanmic objects and objects missing lightmaps):
The IndirectLighting cache is somehow dynamic: moving/rotating/scaling objects opaque skinned meshes
Updating the stored samples in real-time is possible. Various options could be implemented: update full data at runtime (slow, matching lightmaps is much harder), localized blends (opening a door, fast but limited), dynamic object updates (too blurry to be effective).

Having the IndirectLightingCache for the whole scene is possible but would give much blurrier lighting or it would cost much more memory and update time. With a lot of coding efforts such a system could be made more efficient.

Short answer: not without a huge performance cost We don’t have near term plans doing that.

I believe it was removed from UE4. Reflection environments are sort of its replacement, though they do not stimulate bounce lighting.

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At this time there is no SVOGI in rocket.

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