Does Relying on Blueprints for Learning Development Hurt Job Prospects?

Something has been on my mind for awhile and I’d like some feedback. Does learning to use blueprints in lieu of C++ harm my future chances at getting a job in the industry? I mean, I primarily focus on modeling and technical art, but I’ve been learning blueprints when I have the time.
My question is do a lot of studios have similar practices in private engines or would it be better to just start studying C++?

That all depends on how you want learn unreal. Knowing C++ proves that you can program well (and learn programming), knowing blueprints does not prove that.

From perspective i would recommend that you learn some blueprints first, just some basic stuff to get familiar with unreal engine. Then you get into C++ and unreal (some great tutorials out there).
I wasted some time learning bluprints beyond what is needed, i should go for C++ much earlier, but blueprints were so easy to do compared to C++ (back then in 4.6 or so).

I’m pretty fluent with C++ but used Blueprints to learn the API. Once I knew the “lay of the land” it was easy to switch over to C++. So learning C++ and Unreal is actually learning two things at once. Some folks can handle that, others cannot. Only you can determine how you will actually gain the multiple skills you will need.

In either case you also need to know 3D math and an understanding of the structure of how games work internally. The expressions and algorithms are the real “life” of a game.