Does quixel brige even work? It seems to broken af

Quixel Bridge has been nothing but troubling. I have downloaded so many assets but it seems I have to re-download them since the quixel bridge shows only the download button and the export button is grayed out. The downloaded assets are still in my PC, I have to either manually import them or re-download them. How can I solve this? Basically, I have downloaded lot of assets but quixel bridge doesn’t seem to notice that. Is there a way to show the bridge that I have downloaded assets?

Is you path set correctly in the preferences?


Yes, it is default. But I did move the assets and re-located them to the default path, still the bridge is not picking it.

So, in the folder, you still have the subfolders?



I just hit the download for all the assets I want, now they are downloaded but in the quixel bridge, only the download option is available and export is grayed out. Is there anyway that I can let quixel to let me export them. I mean I can’t go through all of the folders and manually import them. Names are different from what quixel have too. This bridge make things harder not easier.

If at least the name was same as shown in the bridge I could just see the preview in the bridge and search for the file, in this case I have to open folder by folder and check the preview to see what asset I need to import.

It looks a bit like you have conflicting version of Megascans stuff there.

Did you download all the content in the standalone app, or in Bridge?

In bridge, what’s standalone app?

I mean it shouldn’t be this hard. Even if we move the assets we should be able to set the path to the new directory and should be working fine.