Does quest UI affect the user experience of a game? Need feedback and testers!

Hello there everyone!

Im looking to find some volunteers who would be willing provide me some information for my research project! as I need testers for whether or not a good quest layout/system can affect the user experience or ease of completing quests.

If you could first of all download the ZIP folder here and once extracted, open each folder one at a time and run the “Game.exe” file. then play around completing the quests.

Once you have done this with each of the examples, please head over to this survey and fill it out please, the more information, the better! Feedback Form for Quest Systems Survey

NOTE: GW2 - you cant use the “Q” for quest log, this is on purpose. Any bug’s you may find, please put them as notes in the survey information. Thank you all!

Any and all criticism would be appreciated! and please help me in getting my degree! :slight_smile: