Does Python Scripting work on Linux or not?

v4.21.1 compiled from source

Basically, enabling the plugin and enabling it in the project appears to have no effect – python isn’t listed as a scripting choice in that drop down, the python menu entries under File never show up, etc.

The ./ script run on Ubuntu seems to set WITH_PYTHON=0 in the *.pri files . Even if i modify those files with WITH_PYTHON=1, it doesn’t enable the python functionality.

I’m guessing that WITH_PYTHON=0 or WITH_PYTHON=1 comes from Engine/Source/ThirdParty/Python/Python.Build.cs:
Reading through that code i had some doubts it would work on Linux’s typical path/include setup for python.

Does someone have this working?


It does, but not out-of-the box in 4.21 (you’d have to modify Python.Build.cs). We’re currently aiming to have Python working out-of-the-box on Linux for 4.22.

so is it out-of-the-box on 4.22? I haven’t seen it mentioned in release notes. Is there documentation as to the Python.Build.cs change required?

Yeah, we added the Python SDK for Mac and Linux for 4.22.