Does Play sound at location stop further blocks?

Hey all, im having this super weird issue where I have a trigger box that when hit plays a sound cue at location, I added a delay before another play sound 2d command but it never happened. I started playing with the code and realized that anything behind the delay wasnt triggering. If I removed the delay? Everything worked! My issue is that I need the delay… Attached is a screenshot of what I want to have happen, however I never get beyond hearing the sound played at location.

Use a Timer set up instead of the delay.

Sorry I’m sorta new to this, could you explain in more detail how to use Timers in my case?

Here you go.

Hi Rev,

After trying this with the very same code, I still cannot get it to work. When I walk over the triggerbox I hear the first sound, however anything beyond that does not happen.

If i insert a print string between the play sound at location and the set timer It does print. However adding one right after the custom event does not.