Does Planer Reflection Not work in UE5 VR?

Basically In UE4 I setup a mirror with a planer reflection method.
I try the same method in UE5 and its a mess. When I look in the planer its all distorted and Moves about with my headset . each eye seems to have a different picture too.
Not sure what to do here!

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Have you found a solution to this problem? I also can’t find a clear confirmation, yes or no, whether planar reflections work in VR UE5.1

HI, I found I had to set Stereo instancing to off IN THE PROJECT SETTINGS, to make both Eyes work with the planer reflection in VR.



I’ve got a similar issue with planar reflection.

If I enable Stereo i don’t have reflection on my right eye (Black screen)
If I Disable Stero i have an offset in the reflection on my right eye

Did you notice that or I’m missing something ?
Hope you can help me

(Have the same issue with Quest and Varjo)


Same issue

Still not working in 5.2.1

it doesn’t work for me in 5.1, but it works correctly in 5.3.
I haven’t tried it in 5.2

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