Does PC power dictate the resolution you can record Arch Viz shots?

Just wondering… I am using my Laptop with 940m geforce. It handles UE well but now that i figured out how to record small animations, I nothines going higher than the HD resolution will causr the recorded video to slow down and stutter. Recording at low 640 by 480 videos are butter smooth. If it the hardware not being able to play ultra high res videoa or is the video actually not being fully recorded?

For vis it’s not about what you can render in real time but what it takes to render the shot and how long it takes to complete a sequence. For example I rendered out a POC at 8k resolution at 60 FPS that took 18 hours to complete that I used to composite to taste. If I had done the same task in 3ds Max it would have taken days just to render the frames.

You lost me there. Lol. So i should be able to record a video of a panning camera shot on a living room at 8k at 60fps on a slow machine?

If you output to rendered single frame images like jpeg then the output is not video card dependent and composite the shots in a video editor. The other option is you could use Shadowplay to capture at least some quick playblasts. Stutter and playback slowdowns though is usually a problem of improper compression of the source material.

Even working off a laptop you should still be able to obtain a quality result… .

Easier answer without technical:
Yes. It will simply take you much longer then if you had a much more powerful machine.

Reason: You are capturing frames and, for lack of better terms, sewing them together. Now, if you set the computer to do 60 frames per second, it will capture 60 single frames of movement per 1 second. Resolution capture at 8k will be your file size effect. Well, as well as how many frames are packed into a 1 second “cell”.

Now the “catch” here is if your computer cant do 8k, then, your playback will be shown at your max res available. It will record and capture all your 8k glory in record, but, wont display unless you can display 8k. Even if you are unable to get 60FPS in whatever it is you are doing, the record functionality will still capture 60FPS as requested, because, it can. lol

Ahhhhhh! Thanks guys for the esplaination. Btw… if I do the single jped method… what application would you guys recommend?…avinciresolve/

Free download for Windows Mac and Linux. Has above average editing tools with out the price tag. P.S. I got in on the free alpha so I’m not sure that’s still the case.

Awesome! Thxs