Does path exists works in mysterious ways


In my game, I have buildings all inherited from the master class BP_BaseBuilding. From my IA, I do an environment query Does Path Exist to filter which building it could effectively attack:

Here is what the Query Debugger gives me:

As you can see, it works for most buildings but not for others.
I understand that it tries to find a path to the worldlocation of the building and this one is outside the navmesh. Nonetheless, it still works for most buildings. Changing the agent radius on the navmesh to as little as possible doesn’t solve this problem.
I thought about solutions but they are all very tedious and because it already works this way for most buildings I feel like there is a very simple one.
Is there a “margin of error” or “tile size” for the pathfinding that I could, maybe, manipulate in order to solve my problem ?

Many thanks,

I still have that problem and the solutions I find by myself are not convincing. Any Idea anybody ?