Does OpenLevel work on iOS?

Hi all,

I am using OpenLevel to create a level based game but on my device every time I select a level it brings me back to the original level containing the main menu instead of the levels I have assigned. When I simulate it on PC it works perfectly and opens up all my game levels. Do all levels need to be loaded beforehand for iOS?

Try checking logs using logcat, you will need to package your game in development build to see them, shipping build on any platform don’t log (or else you explicitly use GLog in C++)

All UE4 logs are tagged UE4 on Android

I get: LogNet: Warning: Travel Failure: [InvalidURL]:
So it aborts loading my level and loads the default level instead. I don’t understand why it is invalid when it works fine in simulation.

Thank you that was it! I assumed all maps are included by default but apparently not.

I think you might not have added all the required maps in the packaging settings. The same thing has happened to me before.