Does not track how many collectables in the game level.

Hey there!

A proper beginner stuck on a DT tutorial.

lesson 11

The problem is my game does not track how many collectables I have in the game.

Could someone help me?
Or point out where a mistake could be.

I’m a 3D/2D artist/ animator I don’t normally do these things.


One problem here is there’s no easy way to see what you’re trying to do… I need to become a member of that site to see what you’re trying to follow? :-/

Maybe an explanation?

same as Chumble, without more details it is hard to figure what your trouble can be, but i wonder if you are not using construction script instead of event graph (but you need an event to activate your check, maybe on begin play or on tick depending of what you want to do)

Your code is run in the construction script.

IE, when it is spawned in the level… meaning… when you drag it in the editor.

Try have it run on “Begin Play” instead.

I was about to say the same, had this issue myself in general if you want to interact with anything else use the begin play