Does Motion Warping works only on the parts of the animation that contain root motion?


I’m playing with the new Motion Warping feature to see how it works and I’m trying to achieve a sort of mantling effect.

I’ve got an animation where the character puts its hands on the top of the obstacle and then just climb. The animation has root motion, but only the part where the character climb up, the start of the animation where it just put the hands, happens in place.

I’ve tried to use Motion Warping on that initial part without root motion, in order to make the character to put the hands always on top of the obstacle no matter the height (always within sensible ranges, obviously). I know I can use IK on the hands to achieve this, but the point was to try Motion Warping.

I’ve seen other post about Motion Warping only working on the rotation and not doing any translation at all and I’ve got the same issue. Does it means that it only works on the frames which the root has motion?


You don’t need to have a Root Motion Translating on all animation, you just need to have a simple translating or rotation on somewhere of the animation to work with motion warp.