Does Mixamo no longer support UE4?

Can’t find the “fbx to Unreal Engine 4” option and an ordinary fbx just gives me alot of errors and distorted meshes.

I dont think mixamo made characters work with ue4 but your own characters should

Same problem and I am desperate for a solution - anyone find anything?

Yeah, Mixamo stopped supporting UE4 :frowning:
I’ve used blender and Blender Animations + UE is kinda dead :smiley:

Solution: Export the basic ue 4 mannequin and modify that :slight_smile:

wtf how i can make compatible now?

I decided to use mixamo skeleton as parent in my project instead of UE mannequin. So nothing changes, generally. Dunno how others are stucked into mesh distortion. I use just generic fbx export from mixamo, аnd the only issue I had, sometimes character is rotated incorrectly.

also, unreal retargeting still works, but you need to make very similar ref poses and next retargeting setup for mixamo skeleton. уеs, there’s no root bone selected , it’s the only way to make it work. also HIPS should be set to Animation translation, other bones to skeleton

For now you can use this converter to add root joint to mixamo characters: