Does Metahuman support blender officially? (broken functionality?)

I’m aware there’s a plugin for Blender on Quixel Bridge however the export button is greyed out for Metahumans.

I’ve tried following some tutorials but they’re a flimsy workaround at best and grossly inefficient. Is there or will be an official pipeline for this? I’d like to resculpt several of the faces as Metahuman is extremely limited with some of its morphing (e.g. jaw) despite the fantastic technology.

Are we not supposed to tweak the models outside of the browser application?

Note - I believe the export button is greyed out because the models are not downloaded. However it will not allow me to download them, telling me none are compatible with UE4 and must be downloaded via UE5. The issue is, in UE5 there is not export functionality as with the desktop app, only “add”. I can believe this is something that was possible before an update stopped Metahumans being downloadable via the desktop app and no one has noticed that the feature has broken. Hopefully i’m just wrong and I’ve simply missed something.