Does mesh size matter?

I made two skeletal meshes, one player character and one AI boss, for a hack n slash game. Both of them are at the same size scale wise, however, I want to make the boss bigger, let’s say from 5ft tall to become 10ft tall. I also made a static mesh for the floor, and I want to make it bigger to accommodate both characters.

What types of problem will I encounter in the future if I scale up my meshes? Or should I properly scale them in my modeling software? (I use blender2.8 if that helps) Although I haven’t encountered any problems yet, someone with more experience may have had issues in the past so I’d like to learn. Thanks in advance.

I guess as long as you scale him inside the engine, you should be safe. But you should keep them the same size in your 3d software. But im no expert in this topic, dont nail me on that

You should be fine, especially if only scaling by such a small factor… that’s what scaling’s for :).

I have heard there can be issues when scaling skeletal meshes by very large factors (eg. 100+), apparently due rounding errors and discrepancies between the mesh and rig that can cause distortions in animation, but not sure if this still holds true, and certainly shouldn’t be an issue for you…

Other than that the main thing you might have to watch out for would be polygon and texel density… As if you scale one of your models up too much you might notice pixelation in their texture when viewed next to the other models, and similar for the mesh polygon density…