Does Maya LT work the same as Maya in UE4?

Does Maya LT work the same as Maya in UE4? Does it work well with UE4? Anybody know? I’m considering buying Maya LT.

The export process is the same since FBX is supported by default.

An in-depth F.A.Q is available here:

Aren’t there trial versions that you can try? That’s what I would do… especially if I was going to buy it.

No, it doesn’t support Python scripting and so you couldn’t install the A.R.T rigging tools… I’ve been reading a lot of bad feedback about LT too, so I’d stick with Standard Maya or extended Maya, and there’s always my favourite - 3ds Max

Well it has MEL support and there are some really good free Anim Helper Tools like AdvancedSkeleton but yeah for the rest Dave is absolutely right. Maya LT feels limited in many ways compared to the full Maya package. Save the money and go for Blender or wait until you can afford the “real” Maya and you don’t have to buy the 2015 version, 2012 still works like a charm.

Yea I looked for an older version of Maya. I can’t find one anywhere. I wish it was easily available.

Are you a student, (should work even without being a student)? If so go to and create an account. Might take 1-2 days, but after that you should have access to most Autodesk products. From there you can download all Maya versions from 2011 and up, then just intall them as trail and when you launch Maya click on buy. Or if you do not plan to release any asset just use the regular 3yrs education license.

No I’m not a student. I am thinking of taking some classes though ;). I’ll give that a try. Thanks.