Does Maya export not work with any of the LT versions?

I’m trying to export to Maya, but even though its open I keep getting the could not send data over port 13291 message. According to the documentation this happens when it isn’t open, which it is.

Are the Maya LT versions not supported by MetaHuman?

Have you set the Download Settings > Model > MetaHumans to UAssets + Source?

This is a requirement to export content to Maya, otherwise it will fail.

Try that and let us know!

Hey Tim,

Yes I do indeed have that set. I even tried running Quixel Bridge as administrator and no joy. It says to check the log for details but I don’t know where to find that.

I’m assuming it should be working with Maya LT then?

Maya LimiTed support a tiny sub set of Python and can only run pre-installed plugins.

Yeah I’m thinking it probably isn’t supported given LTs restrictions on third party plugins. Maybe this is something Epic can work with Autodesk on in the future. I’d hate to have to pay more just to use this with Maya LT.

we will have to wait for Epic to buy maya :rofl:

I asked this question to our engineers and they linked me to Maya LT’s Plug-ins page which says you can only load default plugins.

We have our own plugin for Maya that has to be built, so you won’t be able to load it with Maya LT.

Is there a possibility that you can include the face as one of the source assets that gets downloaded locally, for those of us who have LT so we can just open it in Maya?

I was able to open the body rig but it doesn’t include the head. That would be a usable workaround for those of us unable to use the full Maya version.