Does making your game moddable make it more likely to sell?

For my game two guns two goals, I think I’m gonna make it moddable. It’s at least in my sphere of possibilities. Do you guys think that making a game moddable makes it easier to sell, or does it not matter?

It would probably increase sales to some degree if the game is already successful, but it’s not going to make a failing game successful.

Haven’t released it yet. It’s coming soon, probably April or may, but I’ve barely touched ai and I am currently animating all the models. I kinda did everything else first lol

Hey @DancingRicardo66!
As darthviper107 said, it would probably increase sales in some way, but remember that if it doesn’t have a great game design (mechanics, concept, etc), it won’t be successful, eventhough it’s moddable.
Moddable games tend to increase community participation. Games like GTA, Fallout or even Skyrim, have a strong community because those games let the playerbase to create new assets, mechanics, blah blah blah.
So yeah, moddable games expand the horizon of possibilities inside a game, and some people buy games because they have the power to change it the way they want.

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He he he, hopefully I can manage to make decent game design. Being a solo noob (7 months on the engine) isn’t easy ngl

I dare you to say this at a GDC event with Bethesda developers :stuck_out_tongue:
11 years and counting to disprove your whole statement.
Complete of so many re-releases that just make it clear beating a dead horse is deadly profitable :stuck_out_tongue:

It really depends on what the modding allows for and how well received the game is initially.

Skyrim is probably the one exception to the rule…

That’s not what I’m talking about—what I mean is that if people already like your game (like Skyrim) then adding mod support would probably engage them more and attract even more people to buy your game.
However, if your game is doing badly and hardly anyone plays it, then adding mod support probably won’t do anything, since why would someone care about modding a game that people aren’t playing anyway?