Does learning Blueprint also translate into learning Programming?

Is Blueprint really a hidden C++ with a sugar coating layer? but its core is really C++ language?

So does this mean learning Blueprints will essentially allow you to pick up C++ or C# with ease later on?

And should I then create a C++ project for my game so that I can use blueprints or do I create a blueprint only project?

It is similar to C++/C# in some ways and very different in others.

It uses most of the same concepts of programming, but expresses them graphically instead of with text. It also interacts with the engine in a similar way.

So it would definitely help you learn a more traditional language later, as well as how to use that language with UE4 (in the case of C++).

Start with a blueprint only project. You can always add C++ later.

Thanks, man its a good thing you are active here cause it sure takes long to get responses here compared to Unity forums

I have another question do you think my idea of a 3D platformer Metal Slug clone will sell?

Looking to make a game that would be able to earn me some money in the end. I will spend 2 years at 13 hours a day on this game I am about to build. But wondering if a 3D 3rd person like Alan Wake Horror would sell or a 3D platformer Metal Slug clone or super metroid clone would sell better

Everything will be done by myself I think i also asked this on another thread

In all fairness, I think you should make the game YOU want, not the game you think will sell best.

People will notice when you’re less than fully enthousiastic and driven for a specific game and more often than not that will result in a lack of(or lower) attention for the game.

Yes, you will learn solving logic problems, which most of programming.
It will not translate to learning syntax of a language.