Does KillZ work on the X and Y axis too ..?

Just wondering …
Z implies that if you fall down for a certain distance that the engine kills your character and you are unable to control the viewport.
I have a character running around inside a moving submarine and its a pretty long voyage.
I find KillZ kicks in and kills the character however if I set it all the way “down” to - 100 000 then the character survives the whole trip.
So does KillZ work on X and Y too?
Anyone knows?

I found what works but don’t understand why it works LOL

World Outliner Window -> World Properties tab:

Untick Enable World Bounds Check (The real x,y,z ‘kill z’).

Q1: Will this ever be a Multiplayer game some day?

Q2: How is the Asus holding up? (Still shopping, looking at MSI atm)

Hi and thanks.
Escape from Mill Station is intended to be a mystery adventure find the rest of your flight crew kinda game so didn’t have multiplayer in mind.
But the world in which it takes place is certainly a nice setting for another game that can be anything like VR or multiplayer.
Asus ROG is holding up fine.
It wasn’t a bad buy.
Certainly fast enough and its spoiling me :slight_smile:
Love the GPU rendering for 3D work )
Programs do crash on it like older ones I have.
My Adobe Master Collection CS3 doesn’t like this machine at all.
Premiere Pro CS3 crashes like crazy but I can still do stuff with it.
Unreal runs fine on it.
It crashes every now and then but not very often.
I think that is pretty “normal”
I think its just a more complex machine so issues are expected.
Otherwise game coming along fine.
I have 5 levels (of 14 in total) left to block out, then trailer then submit for dev grant.
Hopefully I can get some money together so I don’t have to finish it on my own but I will if I have to.