Does it matter if glass and door as one object?

Like car glass,train glass.Does it matter if i don’t even seperate glass with the door can ue4 read it ? Look at that :

As you see i applied 2 materials on one door object.This does confuses me. I applied 2 materials on one object and it looks like there 2 objects, glass and door.So main ask is,If i want to make this glass destroyable but door just take damage, what i have to do ? let it stay as one object with that door or seperate this glass and set it up by specially ?

If you want glass as a destructible then you need to make it a separate mesh/object/actor. And of course physical destruction parameters would be way different for glass compared to doors based on material type, glass would fracture sooner than wood and metals/alloys.

Thanks for the correct answer.But what about for a vehicle ? I have to connect all of them to bones right ? I mean they should be in one part for movement . Bone will work on . Right ?

i did assign it to one bone.Now there is a section selection tool for clothing.But does it works for vehicles too so i can set my damage areas ?

For vehicles it is not the same as for static meshes conversion if you want physics and damage. Vehicles use skeletal meshes and the setup is not simple. There are some commercial products on the UE4 marketplace to make it easier.
Otherwise there are some tutorials, like these:

Thanks Y’all