Does IK Only Work With Rigs Made With the Unreal ART Tool?

This is really starting to bother me because I feel like I’m missing something simple. My rig has an issue where the IK doesn’t work for some reason. Is there some sort of “constraint” with the joints that’s making it not work or something because only Unreal’s ART rig works with IK instead of a custom made one(I tested with the same code.)

The result of my IK is simple - it simply doesn’t work or the leg shifts left instead of bending the knee, and even then the foot isn’t elevated or anything. It’s like broken or something. Please help because not even Maya’s Human IK rig works. What is the **** problem?

Here’s the custom rig PARTIALLY working. I just don’t get it…

As you can see for some reason the right foot works, but not the left.

Not sure how your anim bp looks like but this works well - even without ART Tool: IK Feet Placement Setup & new blog - Unreal Engine Forums

What I finally ended up doing was just exporting the default mannequin, importing mesh into Maya, deleting the mesh, and exporting just the default ue4 skeleton as an fbx. Then you just import the skeleton back in Maya after whatever mesh, fit the skeleton into it, skin it, and paint weights with default Maya. Then make sure the ik bones are kept in original place with no weighting along with the root bone and it should work every time perfectly. The whole process including weight painting only takes around an hour per character after the first few…Then on import into ue4, you can just select the existing default ue4 skeleton instead of creating a new one and everything shares it.

May not be the most flexible way but it works with everything,

Thank you @karma4jake but I need my custom rig because it has certain joints for modular socket placements. The anatomy is also far different than the mannequin and when I need to make a enemy say like a spider, the mannequin won’t work, obviously.