Does HTML5 export work in .9 or .10?


I’m unable to build a version of anything, even an empty level, in 4.9 or 4.10, for html5 deployment, that will load and run in a browser. Building works fine, but playback fails consistently. Localhost or on my server, it doesn’t seem to matter.

Does this feature work yet? I’ve seen questions about it (like that lights aren’t working), but so far every build I make, will not run in any browser, on any platform. If it does work there, please give me the specs on your system, or let me know if there’s something special I have to do.

Thank you,


Can you explain how you’re getting your HTML5 project to launch onto your browser? If you’re just trying to check that your project is working, navigate to the folder where the packaged project was placed and then locate ‘HTML5LaunchHelper.exe’. Once you’ve done that, a DOS Prompt/Command Window will open up. Then open up your preferred web browser, I use or Chrome. Once the web browser is opened, you can then browse to the location by using the following: http://(machinename):8000.

Looking forward to hearing back from you, thanks!


I’m copying the files to my server, and also testing with localhost. Is there something magic the launchHelper.exe thing does?

Thank you!

The LaunchHelper.exe only helps with creating a local server for your computer. It’s not needed with an online server. :slight_smile:

Hey that’s pretty cool!

I’ll make sure to update this if I figure out what’s going on.