Does Hairworks works on 4.10? How?

Hi WasPedro,

You’ll first need to have an integration of Nvidia’s Hairworks in Unreal Engine 4 since it’s not integrated with the out of the box version.

If you’re wanting to use Hairworks you can follow this thread for information about Nvidia’s separate branch with this integrated that you can get off of GitHub and build the source code.

This forum thread should help get you started: NVIDIA GameWorks Integration - Asset Creation - Epic Developer Community Forums

I hope this helps.


I’ve done some things in 3dsmax with hairworks but i don’t know how to use on my project on 4.10, does anyone know how? thanks

hi Tim i have this problem buildind hairworks! can you help me ?


Sorry, I don’t think I’ll be much help with this one. I’ve not really used that branch. Try posting in the Forums link above for more direct help from those who use this custom branch more often.