Does GooglePlay Services works on Online Beta?

Hi, I hope someone can help me with this. My problem is, when I install my game from my laptop Gplay Leaderboards works as intended, but when I upload my APK to Gplay and then I install from the store then the leaderboards won’t show up inside the game, it starts to load the gui but it does not show the leaderboard, it just keep searching for something but nothing happens. I ended up thinking this is because my app is in beta stage, could someone more expert confirm me this? I added the 7 apis required for the services in Gplay console, and inside Unreal I added,
under “manifest”:"@string/app_id""@string/app_id"
under “application”:"@string/app_id""@integer/google_play_services_version"
android permissions:

I can’t see any reason why this work from my pc(when I install it locally, write integer work aswell) and then it doesn’t from the store…

Google Play Services should work in Google Play Beta (it works at least for our game). Are you sure that your Google Play Services Game is published? It’s a difference between publishing app in Google Play and in Google Play Games. Your game can be in beta in Google Play and published in Google Play Games.

Hi gameDNA, thanks for your reply, I just activated and published Game Services inside GooglePlay console but
I did not see where to choose between Google Play and Google Play Games, now I re-check it.

I assume my game has to be published to Google Play Games instead of Google Play…now I check
where this option could be and the I report here…

…this API was disabled “Google Play Game Services Publishing API”, I enabled it,
now I reupload to the store and retry the leaderboards…

this changed nothing…
One thing I see inside the app signing section, the Upload Certificate is different
from the App Signing Certificate, do they have to be the same?
(GooglePlay doesn’t report any error about this)

Edit: I think the problem is the signing key, I found another discussion about this subject(can’t find the link right now)
and the solution seems to not opt-in for “Google Signing App”(which i did and is permanent).
I will create another app in the Google Play console but I will not opt in for Google App Signing this time…I will report later…

I mean Google Play Console -> Game Services -> Click on the game -> Publish.

Hi, I can finally confirm the problem was the app signing.
The certificate did not match what was inside OAuth.
Manually signing the app resolved any issue for me, thanks again for you help gameDNA, yo!